Board Maintenance & Warranty Policy

Please follow these guidelines to keep your board from being damaged by heat:

  • Never transport or store your board outdoors in the bubble wrap included with your shipment - It can cook your board.
  • When not in use never leave your board exposed to direct sunlight for extended times.
  • Always keep your board in a shaded area when not in use. At high temperatures the foam core can become unstable which can lead to serious damage to your board.
  • When not in use never leave your deck pad exposed and facing the sun.
  • If you must leave your board in direct sunlight for any amount of time a reflective bag is recommended.
  • A board bag is not meant and shouldn't be used to store or transport your board in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

Vent Plug Installation & Maintenance
The vent plug included with your paddle board is for the purpose of regulating the pressure inside your board. With extreme changes in temperature and elevation pressure can build and this valve allows air to escape freely from the core via a water tight seal in the vent plug.

Important Tips Regarding the Vent Plug
The vent plug is maintenance free meaning once installed tightly it never needs to be adjusted or removed.
Check your vent plug periodically to see if it's screwed on tightly and clear of sand or debris that could block the venting.

Fin Installation and Maintenance
Keep your fins in good condition by removing and cleaning them after extended use. Always remember to secure all fins tightly to the board as loose fins can cause damage to the fin box and the foam core.

Always check your fins are secured before you go paddling!

The top of the handle should measure 9" above the height of the rider. Example: a 5'7" (67") person should size the paddle to height (67") + 9" = 76".

Some Paddle Tips

  • If the paddle is sized in the range of 7-10" it should be fine however anymore that 2-3" from the 9" can lead to a very uncomfortable paddle. Too tall and your shoulders strain. Too short and your back strains.
  • Always paddle with the angle of the blade tilted in the forward direction toward the nose of your paddle board.
  • Your paddle can chip away at your rails depending on your technique. You can purchase rail guard tape to help protect your side rails from scratches, dings and chips from your paddle blade.


 Warranty Information 

Rove Board Co. SUP boards have a one (1) year warranty on Manufacturer Defects from the date of delivery to the customer. Warranty coverage is not transferable and as such will only apply to the original purchaser of the paddleboard from the date of delivery to the customer.

This warranty does not cover any damage that may be the result of misuse, unauthorized modifications or repairs, impact accidents, heat exposure/excessive exposure to sunlight, improper handling, improper transport, improper storage, abuse, poor maintenance or care, incorrect set-up, racing, or use in rental operations. Cosmetic flaws do not affect the functionality, structural integrity or performance of the board and are therefore, deemed not applicable. It is the responsibility of the purchasers to inspect the paddleboard at the point of sale and satisfy themselves with the condition of the paddleboard at time of delivery. 

Please contact us at include a picture of the defect and proof of purchase.