The Drifter Touring iSUP
Rove Board Co. iSUP Touring board
The Drifter Touring iSUP
The Drifter Touring iSUP

The Drifter Touring iSUP

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The Drifter is our inflatable SUP board that's light and easily transportable whether you're traversing from one coast to another or from one lake to the next. 


This board is built to withstand the elements with a reinforced PVC exterior, double seams, high-density drop stitch, and a strength of up to 20 PSI (pounds per square inch).

The touring hull is designed to displace water keeping the board naturally on course and increases the strokes per side (SPS) for efficient and effective long-distance paddling. The perfect companion for those wide-open lakes on backcountry camping trips. 

This board was made to look like wood grain to keep it 'au natural' while you're out in the peace and quiet. It's imprinted with our signature jack pine emblem at the tail of the front and back. All of our iSUP's include the following, paddle, hand pump with air pressure gauge, leash, backpack, and repair kit.


11'6" Touring

  • Width: 32"
  • Depth: 6"
  • Capacity: 290lbs
  • Weight: 22lbs


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